Our latest newsletter - June 2018

June 8, 2018

Open Day

THANKS!  to all those who came down to support and enjoy the Open Day last month.  It was a glorious day, the sausages, burgers and Pimms were flowing and we did pretty well in gaining some new members considering there was a rather popular wedding on that day too!  Thank you to those who helped on Jobs Day to get the club looking at its best, to those who donated raffle prizes and also to everyone who helped to deliver the flyers - the majority of our new members came as a result of receiving one through their door so it was well worth the effort!   

Club Merchandise 

We now have Bramhall Queensgate tennis club branded clothing on our website here.  Why not promote your club when playing tennis, or doing other sporting or leisure activities? The club logo will appear on each item free of charge and you can opt to include your initials on the front and/or the words ‘Bramhall Queensgate Tennis’ on the back for a small extra charge.


Player Profile

We are running a new feature which is a profile on various members of the tennis club so that you can find out more about your fellow members. This month we are featuring Darren, who everyone knows, or thinks they do!  Read more on the website here

As a result of our Open Day, we now have a new Adult Beginners Group starting at the club.  Darren will run the group on Thursday evenings from 8-9 pm.  Please encourage any friends, family or colleagues you may have who would like to get started in tennis.  They can join for one month (£20) to see if they take to it and if they do, this will be deducted from the yearly subscription fee.

For new members who already have some tennis playing experience, don't forget Tuesday night social tennis from 7pm - just turn up for a game.


Dragging courts 

We are aware that some members are not sure how or when to drag the two types of court surfaces we have. It is very important that we look after our greatest assets by following the correct procedure.
Clay- If you have been playing on the clay courts then you will need to drag them when you have finished to make it a smooth surface for the next members to play on.  The courts should be dragged with the drag mats in a wide circular motion, getting smaller as you get to the middle. This ensures that all the sand remains on the court.
Astroturf - These courts need to be free of leaves, pine needles etc before you start your game and this will only be necessary at certain times of the year so please check before you start.  The courts can be cleared with the drag nets or the big brush by walking up and down across the court in lines, like you would cut your grass.

Shoe cleaning

We are getting a lot of sand from the clay courts on the carpet in the clubhouse which is getting trodden in and proving difficult for the cleaners to clear. If you could make sure you use the shoe cleaners outside the clay court gates, or at the very least, bang off your shoes on the wall or walk in a handy puddle before entering the club, that would be hugely helpful. Thank You.

Click here to see the article written about the club on I Love Bramhall


Last to leave the club? 

Please make sure there is no-one else in the clubhouse (particularly the snooker room) then make sure all lights are off (security lights remain on) including toilets/changing rooms and put the alarm on. You will need to enter the code and then press ‘A’ to Activate it. When leaving the club, please make sure the outside door is properly shut. To turn the alarm off if you are the first to arrive, just enter code on its own.

Jim Hall Sports is offering all members of the club a 10% discount off any items in his store.  Just let him know you are a member when making your purchase.

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