PLAYER PROFILE –Fiona Stafford – Team Member

September 23, 2018

How long have you been at Queensgate TC? – 20 years

Why did you decide to join this club? – I started to play tennis about 25 years ago with my Mum at Bramhall Park, then moved to Queensgate to join the Stafford family.

When do you play tennis (team/social)? -Team and social 4’s

What is your favourite shot? The smash

Where did you first learn to play tennis and how old were you? – I started at school however my main racket sport was badminton so didn’t play seriously until I hung my badminton racket up-25years ago.

Who is your favourite professional tennis player and why? – Chris Evert, I loved her style of play and her romance with John Lloyd. This shows my age!!! I also admired Pete Sampras and Roger Federer.

Do you play any other sports and if so what? – I have dabbled at most sports because I trained as a PE teacher. In my younger days I played Netball, Rounders, Badminton and competed in athletics. I loved water skiing and outdoor pursuits. Now, I play Golf as well as Tennis.

What do you do when you’re not playing tennis? – Golf, baking, coffee and meals with family and friends, church and work.

Tell us a fact that no-one at the club would know about you – I love singing but I’m not gifted in this area!!! Although I think a few people in the club may know this fact!!

What is your favourite film? – The Shawshank Redemption

What’s your favourite band or type of music? – I have an eclectic taste in music from classical to disco. No real favourite band. It’s a family joke, I never know the name of the bands/artists!!

What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever eaten? - Kangaroo

Where are you from originally? - Bramhall

Best and worst subject at school? – Best subjects-PE and Maths. Worst subject-French

Greatest achievement (so far)? – I’m not really into blowing my own trumpet!! I have a wonderful immediate family and extended family and I feel we have been very blessed with a family who want to spend time together and enjoy each other’s company.

I played Netball for Cheshire and represented Cheshire at High Jump.

Anything else you want to tell us about yourself! –

I’m really proud of being a member of Queensgate tennis club and have seen it go from strength to strength over the years. I was on the committee when my children played on the teams and started the Friday night children’s club. I am very grateful to the present and past committee for all their hard work. The club house and courts look amazing.

My happiest time is sitting in the sun with family and friends, good food and a glass of bubbly!!

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