Have you entered? Family Touch Tennis Tournament 15th September

Bigger balls and Smaller courts for the Family Fun Tournament is coming near you!! Bramhall Queensgate Tennis Club in September will see a rather different version of our beautiful game. This year for the first time the club will host a touchtennis Tournament - a relatively new version of tennis using smaller courts and racquets-but crucially …More


Court Availability - Autumn Schedule

Please click here to find details about court availability over the Autumn season. We hope this will help you to know when you can go down to play and guarantee to get a court.  …More


Astroturf Courts - BACK IN ACTION

We are delighted to report that the work on the astroturf courts is now complete. Thank you for your patience and support whilst this work has been done and we hope it has not interrupted your tennis so far this summer. Enjoy your tennis!                     &n …More


PLAYER PROFILE – Elena Whalley - Junior Member

How long have you been at Queensgate TC? – Since playing green ball mini tennis…so about 3 years. Why did you decide to join this club? – My first coach Ashley Webster recommended Darren and said that he may have a squad I could join. That is when I started at Queensgate and I was the only girl in the squad at the time. Whe …More

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