PLAYER PROFILE – Darren O'Donnell – Head Coach

Each month we would like to give you an insight into a Queensgate TC player and the first one we have chosen, is our Head Coach, Darren. How long have you been at Queensgate TC? - 10 years Why did you want to coach here/why did you decide to join this club? - Honestly?! I went to Queensgate for interview practise and was grilled for 2 hours b …More


Your personal information is safe with us

As you are no doubt aware, UK data privacy laws are changing and the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which comes into effect on the 25 May 2018 means you have more control over how your data is used and how we contact you. The changes will help to better protect your personal data. Here at Bramhall Queensgate tennis club we can ass …More


Why tennis is the best choice to prevent cardiovascular disease

Playing and practicing a sport is a habit that we should all develop since childhood. Sport increases (or it should) self-esteem, sane competitiveness, concentration, teamwork and respect for the opponent. But perhaps, the most important thing is that sport improves health. You can read the full article here ... …More


When I Love Bramhall visited Queensgate Tennis Club

Tucked away in a leafy residential area a short walk from Bramhall Village, Queensgate Tennis Club is one of Bramhall’s best kept secrets. And you can read the full article on the I Love Bramhall website when they visited the club and met with Sue, on a sunny afternoon to learn all about us and where tennis has been played for more than 100 y …More

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