History of Bramhall Queensgate

Pre 1996

Cricket/Hockey pitch, 6 shale courts, 1 bowling green, 2 squash courts.  Bar area upstairs.

Opposite view pre 1996

View from the bowling green showing the squash court block.


Pitch sold for housing estate, 1 additional bowling green, snooker room, 6 tennis courts (3 artificial clay, 3 astro turf) and a carpark.

Bramhall Queensgate Sports Club (BQSC)


Tennis has been played on the Bramhall Queensgate site for over 100 years. 

In 1996, after falling on hard times financially, the original Queensgate building and site which had encompassed a Cricket/Hockey pitch, 2 BowlIng greens, 6 shale Tennis courts, 2 Squash courts and a two storey clubhouse, was knocked down and the land sold for a housing development.

What remained were the 6 tennis courts and 1 bowling green and a brand new single storey clubhouse and car park was built.

The cricket and hockey sections have relocated to other sites: cricket is now played at Church Lane, Woodford and hockey is played at the Seal Road site in Bramhall. These two sections, along with the tennis, bowls (and a snooker section), based on the Queensgate site, form the Bramhall Queensgate Sports Club which is run by a volunteer management committee made up of members from all the different sports sections.

Bramhall Queensgate Tennis Club (BQTC)


The Tennis Section itself has gone from strength to strength and the old shale courts eventually gave way to AstroTurf, but in 2012 we were the first club in Bramhall to install 3 artificial clay courts and in 2017 we replaced the remaining AstroTurf courts with 3 dual-tone AstroTurf courts. making us a multi-surface club providing variety to our members.

We currently have 4 Ladies’ and 4 Men’s teams playing in the North East Cheshire Leagues.  We also have 4 winter league teams which are mixed teams. 

The juniors have been outstanding for a number of years on the trot, being Division champions at all age levels. There is the ever popular Junior Club Night every Friday from 4-7 pm in term-time.  Why not come down and give a try for FREE! 

Adult Social tennis is held on Tuesday nights and Saturday afternoons. The 1st Tuesday of every month is an American style tournament with a theme and prizes, followed by drinks and snacks in the clubhouse which is proving very popular. This is the best time to come if you are a new member and haven’t played tennis for a while.

Tennis is a game that most people have played by the time they become an adult at some point, either at school or having a knock about with friends on holiday etc. It is a very sociable game which also helps to improve fitness and well-being, just from running around in the fresh air. We have people in their 70’s and 80’s still playing on a regular basis! 

If you’ve not played for some time but would like to give it another try, why not come for a FREE TRIAL!  Pop down on a Tuesday night 7-9 pm or a Saturday afternoon 2-4 pm 

Queensgate Sports Club (QSC)

The Queensgate Sports Club is made up of three sports which are played on the Queensgate site - Tennis, Bowls and Snooker.

The volunteer Committee is made up of two representatives from each of the three sections and a non voting Chairman.  They look after the buildings, car park and lettings of the clubhouse.

Each section makes a yearly financial contribution to the cost of the rates, electricity, maintenance etc as a percentage based on the number of their adult members.