Other BQSC Sports Sections - £10 off membership

Cricket section

CRICKET - off-site

Bramhall Cricket Club have thriving senior and junior sections that are backed up by a committed group of coaches and excellent practice and playing facilities. Located on Church Lane, Woodford, SK7 1PQ   

Hockey section

HOCKEY - off-site

Stockport Bramhall Hockey Club have seven senior teams - 3 men's and 4 ladies' and an active junior section Under 11s; Under 13s and Under 15s. Their coaching and training sessions are held on their astro pitch at Bramhall Recreation Centre, Seal Road, Bramhall, Stockport.  

Bowls section

BOWLS - onsite at Queensgate

Whether you just want a friendly and sociable game of bowls or something a little more competitive, ​there's something for everyone to enjoy at Queensgate.  

Snooker section

SNOOKER - onsite at Queensgate

The Club was founded in 1904 by a group of Stockport businessmen who wanted to emulate the snooker  clubs of Manchester. By way of homage to its origins, the room is decorated in the same colour with photographs of the founding Committee Members to accompany the original snooker table and scoreboard.